Work/ School mornings

Coffee at 5:30; checking my phone; checking in with Scott for a few minutes before he leaves for work;  wondering if I should get myself ready or get girls’ stuff organized first;  weighing pros and cons of each approach, packing lunches for both girls and breakfast for Julia to eat at Before Care. Margaret waking up at some point, 6am if I’m lucky. Trying not to put on a TV show. Realizing I’m not going to be able to get ready if I don’t put on a TV show and turning it on after all. Making her a “plate of things” for breakfast, half of which she eats. Showering, clothes, makeup, realizing it’s already 7am and Julia is still downstairs. Taking a deep breath, waking her, remind her it’s an early morning today and that we need to leave pretty soon. Getting both girls dressed, listening to and empathizing with Julia’s disappointment that Margaret got to watch TV and she didn’t, brushing teeth, debating brushing hair, brushing hair. Feeding and giving pills to Kenai, making him go out, making him come back in. Discussing whether Julia has time to make artwork for her class guinea pig, making a plan to make artwork after school instead. Setting out supplies so they’re ready for her immediately after school. Socks and shoes, food from the fridge, bags packed, girls in the car. Pouring a travel mug of coffee, grabbing my shake, out the door on time.