I promise, we are happy...

Yesterday, when I was talking to my mom, she mentioned that my posts always make her cry, which made me think a little about this blog. I started it to share the writing I had been doing with a few people with whom I had been sharing it anyway-- it seemed easier to send a blog link than to continually send word or google documents. But in the last month, I have found that blogging actually makes me want to write- it is an inspiration to write, as well as a vehicle for sharing. Also, I think I now have more readers than just my mom ;)  And so, I've been thinking about how I am portraying my life, and what this blog will look like.

In reading my posts, it seems like life is hard. I write partly to process challenges- to look into the corners of an experience and to see what it can teach me, what it  reveals about me as a mother, as a person. The good parts don't seem to require as much analysis: we went to music class and out for bagels, and it was a great morning.  I think those moments are captured in other ways: a quick snapshot texted to family... A message to Scott during the day. 

Nevertheless, I want to remember and represent those times, too. Maybe I will start to share some of the nice, quiet moments here as well. But, if the "happiness scale" leans toward unhappy here, know that it represents more what I am choosing to write about than an actual sadness in my life.